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Student Success Research

University Innovation Alliance Resources

On November 30, 2022, the University of Utah joined the University Innovation Alliance (UIA), the leading national coalition of public research universities committed to increasing the number and diversity of college graduates in the United States. UIA projects at the U are focused on supporting student success by decreasing institutional barriers and innovating new paths forward to support undergraduate students' timely college completion. For more information, see the resources below or visit our UIA at Utah webpage.

NISS Resources

EAB Resources

The goal of the University of Utah’s partnership with EAB is to facilitate an exceptional educational experience for every student through the combined efforts of Edify and Navigate U. Edify’s sophisticated analytics tools allow the institution to gain new insights into the student experience, such as identifying risk and success predictors, triangulating student engagement data with academic performance data, and measuring the impact of interventions. These insights and predictive modeling are made actionable by Navigate U, a student success platform. Navigate U utilizes a coordinated care model that connects students to a network of support. For the first time, the advising community has a central software to use for scheduling, meeting notes, tracked referrals, proactive outreach, and targeted interventions. Student engagement data will then feed from Navigate U to Edify. Edify analyzes the data alongside several other data sources to generate predictive metrics, insights, and actionable data. These results then flow back to Navigate U in the form of targeted outreach, appointment campaigns, alerts, or referrals. That data then flows back to Edify for the Navigate U interventions to be analyzed and assessed. Based on these assessments, the interventions will be adjusted accordingly. EAB’s technology gives the institution the tools to improve the student experience, persistence and graduation rates, and cross-campus collaboration.

In this case study compendium from 2020, EAB highlights the impact of campaigns at Virginia Commonwealth University (PDF) through Navigate, such as major selection, transfer student persistence, and graduation application reminders. Similarly, at Georgia State University (PDF), Navigate equipped advisors with the data and tools needed to put their students on a path to completion.

Last Updated: 6/20/24